A Message from Managing Director of Korea Foods; Dan Suh

After the recent World Cup in Canada, Korea Foods UK are delighted to be sponsoring Ashford Town (Middlesex) Ladies Football Club this season. Having come down to the club to meet the team manager, Will Boye, and meet a couple of the players, Ashley Cheatley and Holly Isaacs, we were impressed with the direction the club wants to move, the commitment from the management, and the desire of the players who we were able to talk to.

This convinced us that sponsoring a newly formed grass roots football club, but who have big ambitions, would be the right direction for ourselves. Having already been involved in sponsoring AFC Wimbledon and having been approached by Chelsea Ladies (due to the Korean connection), this year we want to commit to a well-run club where the contribution we make will really matter.

Despite not being able to make a pre-season friendly yet, and despite the results, we get regular reports direct from the manager, and it’ll be really exciting to see how the team fare when we hope to see the progress at the next home game. We don’t expect to see the team win every game, but we know that the management are driving good ethics into the club, which will make the players improve.

Good quality football, improving technique, provide understanding of the tactical aspect of the game, and discipline, are all massive aspects of what we know the management is trying to drive into the players.

Having been involved in different football clubs at different levels, we know that these kind of ethics are the minimum required to be the best, and to achieve potential.

So who are we? In a nutshell, we sell Korean food, whether it’s in your local supermarket, local Chinese supermarket, or through our own shops, we have everything to do with Korean food in the UK. We educate foodies about Korean flavours, and hope that people might try some Korean food.

Over the last few years, we have run a big campaign with chefs and the media to get the profile of Korean food increased, and have found that the London scene is starting to get on board with Korean food and flavours.

We have a passion for food and football. Hopefully, we might organise a few tasters for the players and staff, and will hope to bring down some interesting Korean food from time to time, maybe even organise a Korean food night after a game during the season……and we’ll see what we can do about supplying some refreshments from time to time.

Our philosophy, whether it’s in business, sport, or your everyday life is very simple. The very minimum you put in is 100% or you have already lost. There will be good days, there will be bad days, but only unity brings you success. We hope that the players and management agree with our philosophy and bring it to the team.

We want to wish all the players and management at Ashford Town (Middlesex) Ladies Football Club a very successful season.