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In Their Words: Jess Boyd

“Boydy” as she’s known to everyone at the football club is a new member of the Ashford Town (Middlesex) setup and we found out her thoughts on how the season has been for her, so far.

” Ashford’s strengths can be seen not only on the pitch, but off the pitch in many ways also. Through the commitment shown from training twice a week, from pre season all the way through to present, strategic development and fitness levels have clearly prevailed to allow us to be top of the league.

As the games continued, so did the team bonding, encouraging players to get to know each other on a more personal level. This went from civilized paint-balling and bowling, to more messier nights out and an end of season tournament booked with Newquay #buzzing.

From a personal perspective, having attended trials not knowing the team, what they were about in terms of ethos and ability, I feel these have both been expressed through the top class training sessions that we receive.

The commitment that the coaches have shown in getting to know our game and individually on a personal level has led the team to bond and gel which is witnessed in the way we play and act, on and off the pitch.

Personalised set plays and match analysis is something that has been encouraged throughout the season to understand the game in more detail.

Many clubs I’ve played for place all their emphasis on the physical fitness side of the game. I’m not saying that this isn’t important, however understanding the game and how patterns of play are executed have allowed our game, as a team, to develop and mean that we don’t always have to bust a gut, we can work the ball around and let it do the work, like all good teams do.

The season started off fast and furious with consecutive double figure wins weekly, and this was continuous throughout. Having only witnessed one defeat before Christmas, I think it’s fair to say that Ashford Town (Middlesex) Ladies Football Club have had an amazing run this season and I look forward to continuing this in our goal for promotion.”

Jess went on to thank all parents, spectators and everyone working hard behind the scenes.

Throughout the season we will be speaking to players about their experiences for you to get a closer feel to us as a football club.

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